Critique de spectacle, Edinburgh International Festival EIF 2019, Festival d'Edinburgh 2019

Œdipus by Robert Icke / ITA Ensemble at King’s Theatre, Edinburgh International Festival 2019.

The rewriting of the myth banalizes the characters but emphazises the emotional power of the events : be present at a drama in the life of someone who looks like us seems to be more stronger than look at tragic heroes who would cross the sames dramas. The humanization of the characters heightens our empathy, and it's simply powerful !

Critique de spectacle, Festival d'Avignon IN 2017

The Maids by Jean Genet, directed by Katie Mitchell

Therein lies the power of the play, it is about the complexity of our world, its ambiguities. There is a fine line between dominant and dominated. It is also a very cold environment, as if the world had become frozen, out of time, suggested by the light effects and the slow-motion scenes which contrast with the realism of the show.